The biggest, running, cycling, swimming Virtaul challenge in the world

A Chance to earn 12 Medals and 1 Trophy in a year

Start Where You Are...
Use What You Have...
Do What You Can..

SUPER Athlete- The Biggest, Running, Cycling, Swimming Challenge In The World

Super Athlete is a FREE online event which is providing a platform to self-challenge and track progress day by day to a whole year and earn Medals. It has four major aspects to become fitter i.e. Swimming, Cycling, Running and Rest. We made two workouts and a rest mandatory in order to reduce the risk of injury and give your body enough time to recover and rebuild.

This event is FREE and online so no need to spend your hard earned money and time on registration, travelling and lodging at the event location. Anybody and everybody can join and do their workout from anywhere. All you need to do is to submit data at our website or simply connect your strava account with our website.

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Running is a one of the most accessible form of exercise. This requires very few equipments/gears and has high positive impact on your physical and mental health.


Cycling is one of the most easiest form of exercise. It has high positive impact on your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, stress level and it also helps to keep our environment pollution free.


Best exercise for full body workout thus helps improve overall health. It keeps your heart rate up and makes lungs and heart healthy.


Rest is just as important as working out. Because workout breaks your muscle tissues down and rest allows your muscles to recover and rebuild.

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Inspiring Stories

Avtar Bhatia

Hi am AVTAR BHATIA from RUPNAGAR,PUNJAB Gym trainer by profession n Runner by Passion. am also going to make a world record in 2020 for run fastest 100 Marathons Across  INDIA by World Book of Records.As we all know that in every sportsman's Life ,…
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Anupam Gupta

From zilch to hills - 27 months, countless experiences? An evening chat with Kirti somewhere in February of 2017, had me think about giving cycling a try. No particular reason but maybe to just break the monotony. He focused on doing long, fast rides -…
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Sonia Taneja

My name is Sonia Taneja and here I am sharing my story that “how I become a cyclist and champion”. It was around five year back when I was 102 kg weighted. I tried a lot to reduce. In the start, I started to run…
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