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The biggest, running, cycling, swimming challenge in the world

A Chance to earn 13 Medals in a year

Super Athlete is a FREE online event which is providing a platform to self-challenge and track progress day by day to a whole year and earn Medals. It has four major aspects to become fitter i.e. Swimming, Cycling, Running and Rest. We made two workouts and a rest mandatory in order to reduce the risk of injury and give your body enough time to recover and rebuild.

This event is FREE and online so no need to spend your hard earned money and time on registration, travelling and lodging at the event location. Anybody and everybody can join and do their workout from anywhere. All you need to do is to submit data at our website or simply connect your strava account with our website.

Get Recognized and earn medals with SUPER ATHLETE..

The Key aspects:-

  • Earn Points with any activity or with multiple activities.
  • Start your Super Athlete journey any time any day.
  • No time Restrictions, Workout any time of day.
  • A chance to earn up to 13 medals in a year.

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