• Join the event anytime in the year.
  • Earn minimum 75 points to be entitled for the medal of the month.
  • Earn minimum 1000 Points to be entitled for the medal of the year.
  • The participants who join late in the month or year should also have to earn 75/1000 points to earn medals respectively.
  • The minimum distances to earn 1 point are -
           a) Swimming : 250 mtr
           b) Cycling : 10 km
           c) Running : 2 Km
  • REST is compulsory for 1 day, in a week you will earn 5 points for the REST day.
  • If REST not done the score of last days (Sundays) work out will be zero.
  • You can choose any activity but at least one different activity (cross training) is compulsory in a week. For example, if you run for 5 days one-day swim or cycle is mandatory or if you cycle for 5 days then one day swim or running is mandatory.
  • If cross-training not done than last days (sixth day of activities) points will be zero.
  • You can do multiple activities is a day at any time.
  • There are bonus points also.
           a) Two activities in a day : 2 points
           b) Three activities in a day : 5 points
           c) Half marathon (21km) : 2 points
           d) Full marathon (42 km) : 5 points
           e) 1.9 km swimming : 2 points
           f) 3.8 km swimming : 5 points
           g) 90 km cycling : 2 points
           h) 180 km cycling : 5 points
           i) Olympic* distance triathlon : 20 points
           j) Half Iron* distance triathlon : 50 points
           k) Full Iron* distance triathlon : 100 points
  • Public link of Strava is mandatory for swimming more than 250mtr, cycling 10km and running 2km.

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