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There is no last date you can any time join the event. As this event will run throught the year.

You have to submit your activity data, mannually or through strava, the most popular app among the sports lover. For the swim leg if you are not using fitness watch or your watch is not syncronised with strava, you can submit your swim data manuaaly.

This event is free you don’t have to pay any fee. You just need to participate , follow the rules and be fitter.

Since any single actvity where it be swim, bike or run can not be recomanded as good for fitness you have to take part in any two of them to ensure your finess and also rest is also plays a vital role in fitness we here made made atleast one day rest medatory in each week
The minimum critaria is-
Swimming -250 metre
Cycling - 10 km
Rnning - 2km

We trust our athletes and we wont validate their data submitted. It’s a free event and also there are no prizes to be won so we are not going to monitor any of your activity, We trust on our athletes and their fitness goal, no goal can be achived by providing wrong information.

you can enter data within a week of activity. After seven days you wont be able to enter/edit any past data.

Yes of course since ranking is purely based on points hence you can earn more points by working-out more if you feel comfortable to do so.

Two days with two different activities are mandatory in a week. If you work out for a single day than points earned on that day will be lapsed because of not doing cross training.

Yes but subjected to it gives distance and time and also if do bike more than 50km or run more than 20km the treadmill or bike should provide work out details in the form of public link of activity.

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